Younger Students

A wise owl Younger students can learn English with a qualified and experienced Native English Teacher from Windsor Education. Your child needs to have an advantage over their peers to prosper in the highly competitive field of  education, and later on in business as well. Help them to help themselves.
Singing can provide an interesting and effective way for the younger students to learn the alphabet. It can also assist in vocabulary acquisition. A further benefit of singing songs is it gives Younger students like to singyounger students confidence and is a way of promoting public speaking.
Often, younger students are reluctant to speak. When they do speak, they should be praised and encouraged. To speak out in front of your peers takes courage, so it should be rewarded accordingly!
The Harry Potter series of books are excellent because they have enticed thousands of children to want to read.  Thomas the Tank Engine is as popular now as it was 60 years ago.
A girl writing It is good for younger students to enjoy creative writing. Children start this by writing simple sentences, slowly these are developed into short paragraphs. This is a skill that will take a long time to fully develop. The more a child reads, the easier they will find it is to create their own written work. Parents and teachers can help by praising and encouraging a child’s efforts.
Learning with computersYounger students are often able to embrace new technology much more easily that adults. They love to watch moving images and graphics; they like to sing songs, as well. This is where You Tube is very useful in the classroom. There is much material on You Tube that is ready made for use in the classroom.
A simple game is often a way of inducing a reticent child to participate in a classroom activity. A game is often a way of instilling the concept of cooperation. Children enjoy playing games and Artworkhappy children learn English more quickly.
Arts and crafts are usually enjoyed by young students. Often, colouring activities and arts and crafts are useful as children will talk about what they are doing in English. They are so engrossed with the activity that they do not appreciate that they are communicating in a language other than their mother tongue.
A magic trick can help maintain the younger students’ attention in a class. Sometimes the students can guess how the trick is done; this seems to add to the fun!

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