Older Students

The Union JackOften, older students will be unwilling to use a language other than their mother tongue; this is often due to peer pressure.  Peer pressure can have an big impact on young and impressionable minds. Cantonese is perceived to be cool and English is not.  This means that acquiring English tends to be an uphill struggle for this group.
Some older students may well be destined to travel overseas to further their studies.
Map of Hong KongUnfortunately, Hong Kong is an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) region. This means that there are not as many opportunities to use English as they could be. As a result it is much harder to learn English in Hong Kong than it is in somewhere like Singapore. This is why there is a thriving market for overseas summer camps in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong students only have to use their English in the classroom, possibly only during the English lessons.  There is a need for the Native English Teacher to assist the students acquire English.
This is where Windsor Education can assist students or learning centres in acquiring English by providing an authentic English learning environment.

Word games will help students become more proficient in English.  Scrabble is an excellent educational game to encourage older students to become wordsmiths.  An online dictionary and a thesaurus will help older students become more proficient in English.

Scrabble Dash is a very popular educational game with older students. This combines elements of Uno and Scrabble.

Sometimes a traditional board game such as Monopoly can be used to great advantage with older students.  If they dare to speak Cantonese in class are fined Monopoly money.  This usually ensures that English is used throughout the game. Thus students can successfully practise their English skills.



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