Adult Students

A hard pressed adult student

Adult students are often professionals who are required to learn English by their boss.  This often means that they have to do a full days’ work before their English class. This tends to mean that the adult student is likely to be tired before their class begins. This is where coffee can help greatly, for both adult students and the teacher!


There may be enjoyable ways for them to improve their English in their “Free time”.  Most people in Hong Kong have to commute each day.  This downtime can be used more profitably by watching English movies on their smart phones. Many people love watching movies and this is a logical and enjoyable way to improve their exposure to English.

Like it or not English is the language of business and education.  Some adult students will be graduates, who will travel overseas to do further education.

This is where gaining proficiency in the English language will prove invaluable. Unfortunately many non-native English speakers find it very intimidating to have to converse with a native English speaker. Windsor Education can help adult students gain confidence and proficiency in English before they have to go overseas do business or study.

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