The Chinese say a picture paints a thousand words.  Photos paint many words as well.

Please have a look at the photos.  The photos are of things that are mostly relevant to teaching.  Click on the pictures to have a closer look.  There may be an option to view the pictures as a slideshow.

With the kind permission of EduCare

Santa ClausSanta Claus does make visits to children when he can.  Many children really love meeting Santa, they often enjoy the candies he brings as well.  Alas Christmas has become a commercial event.  Some shopping malls in Hong Kong even charge for photos with Santa Claus.

Fortunately, Windsor Education has a very special relationship with Santa Claus.


LyubaLyuba made a visit to Hong Kong and so photos of her were included on this web site.  She died 42,000 years ago and was found a few years ago in Siberia.  She was a few weeks old when she died and was preserved in the permafrost.  Scientist found she still had some of her mother’s milk in her stomach.  She is the best preserved mammoth found so far.  A great deal of knowledge has been gained from Lyuba.  Global warming means that there are likely to be more mammoths found in the future.


Many people regard Hong Kong as an ultra modern city.  This is true, but it also retains some of its history.  Thousands of people travel on the trams every day.  The tracks were laid down by the coast in 1903.  There has been a lot of land reclamation since then.  This has to be the slowest, cheapest and most scenic way of getting round Hong Kong Island.  You would have to live in Hong Kong to know why the trams are called the “Ding ding”.

Wetland ParkWetland Park is one of the gems of Hong Kong.  If you would like to see a slideshow of Wetland Park click here.  There are no rides here, Wetland Park is more about education and seeing wildlife.


The rubber duck

The rubber duck

The astute reader will notice that the rubber duck has been included in the photos in the wildlife section.  Well, wildlife in Hong Kong is quite hard to spot, so the rubber duck was included.

8686213_sThe model of the bee was included for a good reason.  Some people like honey, most people like fruit and vegetables, some people like to eat meat.  Bees pollinate fruit, vegetables and flowers.  The bee population is under threat, apparently from pesticides.  Should bees be wiped out by pesticides it is most likely that food production as we know it will be stopped in its tracks.  It would be most odd if mankind’s future is linked to the future of the humble bee!


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