Windsor Education’s mission is to give English learners in Hong Kong an advantage by permitting them to have easy access to a native English teacher!

Windsor Education’s mission is to enable more people in Hong Kong to gain access to a qualified native English teacher to permit them to interact more successfully in the business and education world of today and tomorrow.

English plays a vital role in business and education.  Many people want to study or do business overseas.  Proficiency in English is a key to success in the highly competitive education and business fields.  This proficiency can be attained by hiring a native English teacher from Windsor Education.

Young children are often very gifted language learners.  Starting to learn English with a native English teacher very early on in life provides the young scholar with a sound foundation that will assist them to be proficient in the target language.  Chinese learners of English often have similar problems.  In spoken Putonghua he, she, or it is “ta” so as a consequence, they often make mistakes with gender based pronouns.  Hence, a lot of attention is focused on these particular problems.  Constant choral repetition will help the students overcome this particular type of cultural error.  If students can grasp this concept at kindergarten level it will enhance their abilities to master the English language. As a rule, young children love to sing songs.  There is much material on the Internet that is suitable to use in the classroom.  Example of this is the life cycle of the butterfly or the life cycle of the frog.  The green anaconda is popular with children of all ages.  All children have a special talent.  Often children will respond very favourably to artwork.    Some children have a talent for arts and crafts.  Sometimes children will talk quite fluently in English about what they are doing.  This is because their focus is on the artwork and not on the fact that they are speaking in a language other than their mother tongue.

There are many festivals to celebrate in the classroom such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Lunar New Year, Thanksgiving, April Fool’s Day and of course birthdays!  Each festival can be used to practise English.  There is the opportunity to use topical artwork for these festivals.

Locating suitable materials for English learners from the Internet is a lot easier said than done.  This is a very time consuming business.  Most likely parents think that you just go online and there is suitable material just waiting to be used.  This is certainly not the case.  This is one of the behind the scenes activities that Windsor Education does to provide suitable material for English learners.

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