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How English came to Hong Kong and why it is EFL! EFL (English as a Foreign Language) in Hong Kong means that English is harder to acquire than in a place such as Singapore where it is ESL (English as a Second Language). On the 26th January 1861 the Union Jack was hoisted by the […]

Dinosaur eggs

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Dinosaur eggs are a bit unusual Dinosaur eggs are a bit of a rarity.  These are fossils, that is biological material that has turned into stone.  There are fossilized tree stumps, plants, dinosaur skeletons, and dinosaur eggs. In some places fossils are so common that buildings have been made from them. Here is a good […]


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England has a very rich heritage, quite apart from the language! England has much to offer.  There are monuments that predate the pyramids. Stonehenge is one such monument.  The biggest monoliths weigh about 50 tonnes.  These would have been  manoeuvered into position by manpower alone.  To undertake such an operation would have been a truly […]

Principal Chan

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Teaching underprivileged children at Principal Chan Free Tutorial World I have been teaching at Principal Chan Free Tutorial World since November 2013.  This is a centre that gives Hong Kong’s underprivileged children a chance.   My students are usually about 2 years old.  Sometimes they are extremely reluctant at first.  If this happens I often […]

English food

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English food can be very good, indeed! Here is a selection of typical English food, maybe I should say British food as I have included haggis from Scotland.  English food has a reputation for being pretty bland.  Long ago spice was very expensive, so in everyday food it was not widely used.  There are some […]


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The end of the road for Windows XP, farewell to  XP, RIP. The end of the road for Windows XP has now passed.  Support for Windows XP ended on 8 April 2014.  This means that if there is a flaw in this ancient Operating System Microsoft will not patch it up.  Windows XP has had […]

Scrabble Dash

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Scrabble Dash; an enjoyable card games and a valuable resource for EFL learners Scrabble Dash is a card game that combines elements of Scrabble and Uno.  Unfortunately Uno uses virtually no English whatsoever, hence its value to EFL students is zero.   Scrabble tends to be unpopular with students as much time is spent waiting for […]


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Latin: A dead language that is used every day! What have the Romans every done for us? They gave us Latin, the arch, concrete, sanitation, medicine, surgery and an awful lot more!   Latin was the language of the Romans.  They conquered most of the known world at the time.  The left their mark on […]

Nursery Rhymes

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Nursery rhymes have been used for centuries to amuse and teach young children. Nursery rhymes are short poems spoken or sung to and used by very young children.  Some of these nursery rhymes go back hundreds of years.  This was when English was more of a spoken language rather than a written language. To be […]


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