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Young children can often be gifted learners

English is the most common second language learned around the world.  English is almost always  the medium of instruction for overseas education.  Like it or not, English is the lingua franca of the business world.  Learning English with a native English teacher can help you or your children master the English language.

Having a sound foundation in English will often mean that the chances of success in business or education  are greatly enhanced.   Learning English from an experienced native English teacher from Windsor Education can greatly improve your ability to successfully acquire English as a second language.

Usually, English classes in Hong Kong schools will be quite large, often having as many as 30 students.  Thus, the chances of your children successfully acquiring English are not particularly good.  Often the English abilities of local English teachers in Hong Kong leave much to be desired.   The result is most likely that their students’ English abilities will be compromised.   The Education Bureau has not been particularly successful in implementing the NET programme in Hong Kong.  This is probably because there are not enough native English teachers in the schools in Hong Kong.   The overall result is the standard of English in Hong Kong is perhaps not as good as it could be.  The fact of the matter is relying on the Hong Kong schooling system is unlikely to be enough to provide your children with the necessary English skills they will need.

There is, of course, a simple solution.  You or your children can learn English from an experienced native English teacher from Windsor Education.  This will ensure a more suitable exposure to a native English teacher that is most unlikely to happen in a  school in Hong Kong.  Windsor Education can cater to the needs of playgroup to adult learners, as required.

Like it or not the Internet is available just about everywhere now.   There are many advantages in using the Internet to acquire English. There are some excellent resources available so that people can improve their English abilities.  The BBC has a learning section to help people.  It makes sense to use such sites, you can find the Learning English section of the BBC World Service here!   A notable web site to help English learners is Free Rice.  This is available as a smart phones app, so even while you are in transit you can improve your vocabulary.

Something that every parent or learner should realise is learning a language is very much a long term commitment.  If you devote just 1 hour a week to learning language it is going to take many years to become competent at the target language.  Fortunately, because English is so widespread, there are many sources of authentic material on the Internet.  Using these resources will assist you in becoming more familiar with English.  The guidance of a native English teacher will help a student acquire English much more rapidly.



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